Brutality against women hiding behind a polished façade

Those who have not been following the Syrian revolution from its beginnings will have no memory of how crimes against women were being brazenly used by Assad’s security forces and criminal thugs (aka shabiha) as a tool for intimidating and trying to control the opposition that had risen up and refused to be silenced.


Behind the façade of a secular and progressive “president” with a glamorous western educated wife, there has always existed a subculture that glorifies power, domination, brutality and control, a super macho brotherhood of domestic terrorists that operates in the background with the impunity that is one of the perks of supporting Assad.


“Under cruel leadership, the worst of the worst behavior becomes acceptable,” a counselor who worked with women who had been victimized in Syria recently wrote on social media.

“I did not understand this and the capacity we, as humans, have to be beyond cruel to one another until meeting with victims of political torture myself,” she added.

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