#Syria|PYD recruits civilians forcibly and sends them to the front lines

The Autonomous Administration submits civilians forcibly and sends them to front lines with no prior military training

The Core Protection Units established by The Autonomous Administration works to recruit the civilian supporters of the People’s Protection Units YPG in the military recruitment within checkpoints and patrols in their villages with variations from an area to another. Civilians are forced to join the forces in some areas such as Efrin in north countryside of Aleppo.

What added to the civilians’ anger is the fact that the principles of distribution deliberately put recruiters of the Core Protection Units in Efrin in the front lines with no prior experience in fighting nor any training on weapons unlike what recruiters receive in The Self Defense Duty.

NSO reporter in Efrin has said the forced recruiters used to work in checkpoints at the entrance or main roads of their villages by 6 members in each village that would be changed after 5 days. However, when the People’s Protection Units YPG have overtook wide areas in north countryside of Aleppo, recruiters’ distribution has changed to areas in Menegh, Tal Refa’at, Al-Mislmiyeh, Al-Shiekh Najjar and Al-Shiekh Maqsood in Aleppo, in addition to other sensitive checkpoints in Efrin countryside such as Shirawa district checkpoint near Daret Azza and Atmeh checkpoint near Ezaz that is controlled by the Free Syrian Army. These checkpoints are being targeted by shelling continually.

One of the forced recruited civilians (A.A.) has said to NSO reporter that the distribution is usually done to areas out of the recruiter’s home village which increases the risk as the familiarity with the area decreases. The People’s Protection Units YPG gives each recruiter a raffle and sends him to the point where there is no military leaders and all the existing people are forced recruiters.

Another recruiter who preferred to keep his name hidden has said : I have been sent by force to Mar’anaz in north countryside of Aleppo. It is a hot area where there are many clashes against opposition factions. The confrontations have increased in the last few days and I have done nothing because I don’t know how to use the weapon and never been trained on this. I was about to throw the weapon flee the area, but I know that this would lead to arrest or killing”.

The People’s Protection Units YPG depends on recruiting civilians who are military unprepared. Moreover, The Core Protection Units and the Self-Defense Forces are considered the most important entities established by the YPG.

Source : NSO