#Syria|Minbij|PYD digs trenches in preparation for a potential assault by #EuphratesShield

The Autonomous Administration digs a trench in preparation for a potential assault by the Euphrates Shield on the peripheries of Minbij

Heavy machines and bulldozers belong to The Autonomous Administration start to dig a trench in Minbij countryside in the agricultural lands owned by civilians

NSO reporter in East countryside of Aleppo said that the total length of the trench exceeds 20 kilometres as principles said. The purpose of the trench is to hinder any advance attempt by the Euphrates Shield operation.

The reporter has explained that the Autonomous Administration has kept 4 entrance of the city occupied by military checkpoints of Minbij Military Council that belongs to The People’s Protection Units YPG. The checkpoints take long time in inspection on people going and coming to the city which aggravated after the digging operation and the reduction of the entrances that connect the city with the countryside.

Minbij Military Council controls as it is a military entity formed by the People’s Protection Units YPG that belong to the Kurdistan Labour Party and it is considered the military arm of the Democratic Union Party and the Autonomous Administration.

In the photo: the trenches surrounding Minbij and the queues of cars waiting to enter the city.

Source: NSO