#Syria|Damascus rif|West alGhota rejects reconciliation with the regime

Western Ghouta’s military factions launched an offensive against areas controlled by the al-Assad’s forces recently via reconciliation made with the towns of Beit Saber, Kafar el-Hur and Beit Tima.

The existing factions in the besieged town of “Beit Jann” launched a violent ground offensive on towns of Beit Jann, Mugher al-Meer and Tal Marwan axes to retake the hill of al-Dahra and the point and farm of al-Eshara. Rebels have ended up al-Assad forces’s presence in those areas.

Few months ago, the regime deployed elements on the point and hill after a reconciliation agreement with the population of the towns, and promessed to release the detainees and stop  harrassing them. As the regime did not  implement any point of  the  agreement,  the military factions in Beit Jann rejected the project of reconciliation with the regime, and instead signed a Chart of joint defense with the besieged areas.

Source: alDorar