#Syria|Call to investigate Tunisians fighting with Assad

The head of the Tunisian Renaissance Movement Party’s bloc called for launching a judicial inquiry on the information which refers to the participation of Tunisian fighters along the Syrian regime.

The bloc’s head “Noureddine Buhturi” called on the Office of the Tunisian parliament and parliamentary blocs to expedite the formation of a commission of inquiry to make sure such information, which he described as crimes -if it is  proofed “deporting Tunisians to fight in Syria’s war.”

Buhturi noted that the aim of the investigation is to find out all the information relating to Tunisians “terrorists” and find out their supporters and those who facilitated their travel, describing these actions as a violation of national security to Tunisia.

On the other hand, Tunisian Foreign Minister Khamis al-Jahinawi denied, on Monday, to know that there are Tunisians fighting alongside the Syrian (Assad) regime.

It is worth mentioning that this call came after the Arab National Guard’s official statement “Basil Kharrat” who told “Tunis Africa” Presse about the presence of Tunisian volunteers in the fight frontlines against “terrorist organizations” in Syria fighting alongside the Syrian regime.

Source: alDorar al Shamiya english