#Syria|The #Assayish declares creating the #Raqqa Operation office

The Assayish forces that belong to the Autonomous Administration have declared in a statement the formation of Raqqa Operation Office on Facebook.

The Assayish forces said in a statement that the formation of this entity came after a meeting held by the leaders Jwan Ibrahim, Aytan Farhad and Nojan Hassan with the General leadership in Ras AL-Ain West of Hassaka.

The statement added that the Assayish has formated this entity from Arabs in Raqqa city and its countryside to overtake the city and mange it later on.

The statement coincide with the third phase of the Euphrates Anger operation that aims to control the countryside of Raqqa and besiege the city.

The Assayish forces is considered the intelligence arm of the Democratic Union Party that controls the Autonomous Administration in north of the country. The work of the Assayish starts in the areas overtaken by the People’s Protection Units YPG.

In the photo: the media center of the Assayish forces and the general leader of the forces Jwan Ibrahim in a meeting.



Source: NSO