#Syria|Rebels progress in Daraa al Balad

The battle of “Death or No Humiliation” was  declared by Albonyan Almarsoos operation room yesterday on Sunday against Assad’s regime who controls  the most important stronghold in Dara’a south, is still continuing  in conjunction with the heavy bombing by Assad’s forces

The operation room managed to control a group of buildings in Almonshiya district after violent clashes against Assad’s forces and the Assad’s foreign militias. Also the operation room blew up Abo Najib border in Almonshya district inside Dara’a city during ongoing clashes between opposition factions and regime forces and his militias in the neighborhood. Rebels have deceived a group of Assad’s soldiers and his militias to come in to one of the liberated buildings, then they blasted it once inside.

According to local sources the operation room has killed a large number of Assad’ forces and militias in conjunction with continuing the heavy aerial and artillery bombardment by Assad’s forces upon Almonshya district sides.

The purpose of the battle is to liberate all strategic Almonshya district adjacent to the old customs of Daraa.

Controlling  the neighborhood guarantees  the road between Daraa city and its eastern countryside from one side, and its western countryside from another side also, ends and fades away Assad’s forces attempt to reach the border corridor with Jordan.