#Syria|Raqqa|Prices soar as the result of destroying the bridges

After destroying the Bridges in Raqqa, lack of consumer goods and unprecedented high prices

Raqqa that falls under the control of ISIL is undergoing an increase in the prices of basic food items, in addition to the lack of other items due to the destruction of the bridges as the Syrian Democratic Forces advances.

NSO reporter in Raqqa countryside has said that the markets in the city are witnessing a gradual increase in prices of fruit and vegetables and other supply products, in addition to other basic needs and lack of water after one week of destroying the Old and the New Bridges.

The reporter added that the wave is increasing day by day as the SDF forces progresses headed by the People’s Protection Units YPG toward the north of the city.

The reporter has been told by a trader who refused to disclose his name that entering vegetables to the city from the agricultural areas in AL-Shamiya in the south bank has led to the increase in the prices and the shortage of some other items.

The trader added that a kilo of tomatoes costs 750 Syria pound, a kilo of cucumber is 700, squash is 800, making 15% of increase since last week.

Abu Ahmad another trader has said that a kilo of sugar is 600 and tea is 2200, a kilo of rice is 550, and fat is 1300 declaring that the items might increase to double in case the situation stays the same as people rushed to stock huge amounts of items in fear of besieging the city.

The reporter added that the price of fuel has increased to reach 500 for a litre of gasoline and 200 for a litre of diesel.

The coalition forces have destroyed the bridges in the city that connects the two banks, and the destruction of the Old and the New bridges was the worst on the city as they are considered vital to connect the city with the outside world.

This air campaign is an introduction to the Euphrates Anger operation in its third phase launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces to overtake the city and isolate it.

Source: NSO