#Syria|Hezbollah Violates the Cease-fire despite agreeing to it

Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah, “Hassan Nasrallah”, announced on Sunday, his militia’s support for the ceasefire agreement in Syria, which was agreed upon in December 31 2016.

The statement came after more than two and a half month after the agreement went effect, where he said: “Hezbollah not only supports the cease-fire held in Astana, but also encourages strongly any agreed cease-fire in Syria, that may inject the blood and gives the area for political solutions “.

The Former Hezbollah’s position from Astana

Lebanese sources close to Hezbollah said, on the 21st. January, that the militia does not find the same interest as much or as enthusiastic about the talks of Astana, as it is convinced of its ability with Iran on the military takeover, that the political solution comes afterwards.

The sources added that the matter of withdrawal from Syria is not on the table and is out of the question.

On contrary, there has been no official statement from Hezbollah yet to endorse or reject the cease-fire agreement, which has been in the Kazakh capital, “Astana.”

Continuous violations by Assad regime & Hezbollah of the agreement

Each of the al-Assad regime and Hezbollah militia breached the agreement dozens of times, despite Russia’s announcement that it is the guarantor for them, but that military operations in the eastern Ghouta and Wadi Barada as well as the forced displacement of the areas’ family have ever never stopped, since then the revolutionary military factions which signed the ceasefire agreement warned that if the regime continues violating the truce , it would make it null and void, but that has not been heeded, prompting Damascus factions to carry out military operations inside the valley and on its outskirts.

It should be noted that several military factions present in northern Syria announced the suspension on and off their participation in any political talks in Geneva, Astana, on top of them are “Suqour al-Sham ,Faylaq al-Sham and Jaish al-Ezza.

Source : Al Dorat in english