#Syria|Environmental issue in Efrin

More than 6 thousands olive trees are the victims of the Turkish expansion in Efrin countryside

The bulldozers and digging machines continue to build the border wall between Syria and Turkish lands on the agricultural Syrian fields in Efrin countryside in Aleppo that have been overtaken in the last few months.

Abu Hamo one of the inhabitants of Dier Ballout in Jendeeris District in Efrin said to NSO reporter that the Turkish machines have entered more than 200 meters in the Syrian lands owned by Syrian farmers and their only source of income. He added that the machines is also uprooting the olive trees and pave the way behind the wall that is currently being built.

NSO reporter has Said that more than 4500 olive trees owned by the indigenous people have been uprooted in Dier Ballout and Diwan Fokani in Jendeeris District.

The number of the uprooted trees, mainly olive trees, by the Turkish machines exceeds more than 10000 trees since the beginning of the wall construction.

In the photo: a part of the border wall and the recently uprooted olive trees.

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Source : NSO