#Syria news as reported by the LCCSy

Syria news as reported by the LCCSy for 13/02/2017


  • Assad’s forces stationed in the village of #Adnaniyah targeted artillery shelling on #Guenitarat village in the southern countryside.
  • Assad’s forces aimed artillery shelling on #alRashidin neighborhood,and the towns of #Mansoura, #Kferdaal in the western countryside.
  • Assad’s forces targeted heavy artillery shelling on the southern countryside village of #Tal_Mamo.
  • Assad’s forces targeted RPG missiles on the village of #Guenitarat in the southern countryside.
  • Assad’s forces stationed at Mount forties targeted artillery shelling on the village of #Hooper and #Owaynat in the southern countryside.


  • Violent clashes between Assad’s forces and the “Daesh” on military fronts, al-Qaeda air defense in the neighborhood #AlHadjr_alAsud amid heavy shelling from tank ,and heavy machine gun fire.
  • Assad’s forces detonated several houses in the surrounding spring #Ain_Fijeh spring facility in the #Wadi_Barada area.
  • Martyr and a number of wounded civilians as a result of Assad’s forces launching mortar shelling,and heavy machine gun fire n the residential buildings of #Jobar neighborhood.

Body discovered of an Assad forces dissident “Hamouda Shami” in the district of #Mansheya after the free army assumed control of it, and the martyr had split 3 years ago and joined the revolutionaries until he was lost some time ago, a native of #Daraya city in the #Damascus suburbs.


  • Assad’s forces targeted mortar shelling on the liberated neighborhoods of #Daraa_alBalad.
  • Assad’s forces renewed surface to surface (Phil)missile shelling on the neighborhoods of #Daraa_alBalad .
  • Assad’s forces shelled the town of #AlGaryeh in the eastern countryside.

Free Army control the building in the neighborhood #Manshia in #Daraa_al_Balad after violent clashes resulted in the killing and wounding a number of Assad force elements: Captain Mekdad Nabih Said of #Latakia, Lieutenant Ghaith Ziad Abbas of the peaceful people of rural #Hama; fighting going on until the moment.

  • Assad helicopters renewed bombardment by dropping 4 explosive barrels on the neighborhoods of liberated #Daraa city, bringing the number of dropped barrels to 8 today.
  • Assad’s forces targeted the liberated neighborhoods #Daraa_alBalad launching surface to surface, “Phil.” missiles.
  • Anti-army free targeted warplanes and helicopters in the sky above #Horan,and #Manshia #Daraa_alBalad cities .

Martyrdom Media representative “Nabot Abu Omar, alias “Abu Tim Hourani” while covering battles #Mansheya #Daraa. RIP ,and unto the highest heavens.

  • Assad’s forces targeted civilian homes using heavy artillery shelling in the rural town of #Tafas.
  • Assad force used women as human shields in operations t prevent revolutionary advances in #Daraa_al Balad city.

Martyrdom of a free army media representative ” Abdullah Nur al-Din al-Hariri Olayan ” during the battle to liberate #alMunshat in the Daraa_alBaad neighborhoods; the martyr originally from the town of #Besr_al_Harir.

  • Assad helicopters again dropped 8 explosive barrels on #Daraa_al_Balad neighborhoods;bringing the toal to 16 barres dropped.
  • Russian warplanes launched several air raids on the town of #Sidon and #Gahraz in the eastern countryside, in addition to an air raid on the #al_Bihar area in the countryside of #Daraa_alBalad.
  • Assad’s forces shelled the city of #Tafas in the western countryside with heavy artillery.
  • Assad’s forces targeted the outskirts of #Giza in the eastern countryside with artillery shelling, amid Russian warplanes and Assad troops launching raids on towns and villages in the province.
  • The death of 6 civilians, including women and children,as a result of Russian warplanes launching air raids on #Tareq_Aswad neighborhood in the city.
  • Assad’s forces targeting heavy artillery shelling on the town #Nasib in the eastern countryside.
  • Assad’s and Russian forces warplanes targeted #Daraa_alBalad;since this morning until the moment with 34 barrels of explosive were dropped during 21 air strikes, and 18 rockets fired “elephant type” and 100’s of artillery shells,RPG rockets,and mortar shelling,according to the documentation of civil defense teams.
  • Wounded civilians, as a result of Assad forces shelling of #Nasib,and #Algareh towns in the eastern countryside.
  • Towns in the eastern and western countryside announced the suspension of school attendance until further notice due to heavy shelling from Assad’s military aircraft and


  • Assad’s forces targeted heavy artillery shelling on the northern countryside city of #Rastan.
  • Assad’s forces targeted shelling on the residential neighborhoods in besieged #AlWaer city.
  • The death of a child and several others wounded seriously as a result of Assad forces targeting tank shelling on the neighborhood of #AlWaer city.
  • 2 martyred and several wounded as a result of the Assad’s forces stationed on the outskirts of the neighborhood, targeting the besieged neighborhood of #alWaer using tank shelling and sniper fire ; among the martyred: ‘Abdul Hamid al-Asaad,and Muhammed Aley
  • Intensive air raids on the #Al_Jamaah_Gharbah area gatherings for revolutionaries in the city #Fren_al_Ala in the eastern countryside;damage limited to material.


  • Violent clashes between the “Brigade Far” (maximum Jund) and ” Sham body” in #Khan_Sheikhoun,and the town #AlTamanah in the southern countryside, and surroundings of rural north #Kafr_Zita #Hama;after the soldiers detonated bombs overnight in #AlTamanah and #Kafr_Zita.
  • A car bomb in the southern countryside town of #AlTah.
  • 2 martyred and several wounded as a result of a mine explosion(believed to be remotely triggered) in the town of #Jisr_al_Shoghour.

Revolutionary Brigades targeted Assad’s forces in #shalf #Jabal_alAkrad Toubal countryside using mortar,and 130 mm cannon shelling ;scoring direct hits.

  • Dead and wounded from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers and Assad troops after “Ahrar al-Sham” fighters targeted heavy artillery shelling on the #Jabal_alAkrad countryside axis.

Martyrdom Cheb Khaled Khalil during the battles against Assad’s forces in the #Jabal_alAkrad countryside, the martyr originally from #Jisr_alShoghour.
Revolutionary Brigades targeted Grad rockets on Assad’s forces in the #Jeb_alOhmar in the Jabal_alAkrad countryside.