#Syria|Raqqa|YPG violations|2000 civilians displaced after 1 YPG killed

The People’s Protection Units YPG displace 2000 civilians in Raqqa countryside side because a collaborator was killed

The People’s Protection Units YPG that belongs to The Autonomous Administration have displaced the inhabitants of Khaneez villages on Friday after one of the party’s collaborator was killed anonymously.

NSO reporter said that the armed members of the People’s Protection Units YPG have displaced more than 2000 civilians mainly women and children from Khaneez Alkesha, Khaneez Alghanem and Khaneez Janouby charged by covering the killer of one of the collaborators of the Autonomous Administration.

The reporter declared that an unknown person has killed Khallaf Alali Alhussien, Abu Safwan shooting him in the head by a silent gun in his house on Thursday night.

Khallaf Alali Alhussien is one of the most prominent collaborators of the Autonomous Administration in Raqqa as he works in recruiting men from the Arabic tribes within the Syrian Democratic Forces that is controlled by the People’s Protection Units YPG.

The reporter pointed out that one of the military leaders of the People’s Protection Units YPG has threatened people of Khaneez to destroy their villages if they didn’t submit the killer. Then he used the forces to expell the civilians and ban them from taking luggage, to rob their house and set fire on some of them.

A source from the displaced people said to NSO that the Units have arrested a number of the yoing men and confiscated their IDs in Khaneez Janouby, while the rest of the families have been displaced to Salouk district and Ain Eisa.

55 men from Khaneez have defected from the People’s Protection Units YPG and headed to norh countryside of Aleppo last week.

In the photo: Khallaf Alhussien the collaborator of the People’s Protection Units YPG who has been killed on Thursday

Source: NSO