Syrian opposition announces the names of the members of the delegation to the Geneva negotiations

Syrian opposition announces the names of the members of the delegation to the Geneva negotiations

Syrian opposition announced, on Sunday, formed a delegation of 21 members, including ten representatives from the military factions, headed by a member of the coalition victory Hariri to participate in the upcoming Geneva negotiations on the twentieth of this month.

And actress between factions, “Rahman Corps,” and “the banner of Sultan Murad”, in addition to the factions in northern and southern Syria, in the absence of influential factions, particularly the “Army of Islam” who was a leading Mohammad Aloush chief negotiator in previous negotiations.

Supreme Commission for negotiations elected according to a statement released late Saturday the time, Nasr Hariri, head of the delegation negotiating a successor to Dean dissident happiest Zoubi, Mohamed Sabra chief negotiator, replacing Alloush.

And it hails Hariri, 40, from the city of Deraa He holds a Master of Internal Medicine mastered English doctor, and the patient is a lawyer and human rights was a member of the technical delegation to the General Geneva negotiations 2014 and served as chief executive of the party “Republic”, which was founded in April / May 2014 in Istanbul.

And the dissemination of “National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces” Today, the list of members of the delegation, which includes for the first time representatives of the “Moscow platform”, as well as representatives of the “Cairo platform.”

And it retains the negotiating team in accordance with the list of the coalition, with a number of its members who participated last year in the Geneva talks, including Basma Qadamani and Fuad Aliko.

He joined the membership of the negotiating team representing the “Moscow platform” Alaa Arafat, as well as representative of the “Cairo platform” Khaled Mahameed, who was mainly involved in the opposition delegation but as an independent.

He said the information department in the opposition coalition chairman Ahmed Ramadan told “AFP”, that the participation of representatives from the platforms of the delegation of the supreme body counter of the negotiations means that “the UN special envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura would not be calling anyone in an advisory capacity than any other party, and the situation will be as The year 2014, any negotiations between the opposition and the regime, and my only. ”

The accompanying delegation negotiating a technical delegation comprising twenty adviser legally, politically and militarily.

Source: LCCSy