#Syria|#EuphratesShield| #FSA takes over half of alBab

The Euphrates Shield Operation takes over half of Al-bab city and a military leader believes the city to be overtaken soon

Factions of the Euphrates Shield operation have overtaken today morning new areas in Al-bab city in East Aleppo countryside, the regime forces have also overtaken Tadef south of the city.

The Euphrates Shield forces backed by Turkish forces managed to overtake The Grain Silos, the Sport Center, the Automatic Bakery, the Baath party center and Tadef roundabout in the eastern and southern neighbourhoods of Al-bab, in addition to Zamzam street and Fatema mosque in the north of the city after many battles with ISIL, NSO reporter in East Aleppo countryside said.

Ahmad Jasem, a military leader in Sultan Murad front, a participant front in the Euphrates Shield operation said to NSO reporter that the Free Syrian Army backed by Turkey has overtook half of Al-bab city and blocked the support convoys sent to ISIL through Raqqa upon controlling Tadef roundabout, South of the city.

Jasem added that the ongoing situation suggests that the Euphrates Shield will be able to liberate Al-Bab city soon.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has declared in a statement that the regime forces and its supporting allies overtook Tadef after battles with ISIL in East countryside of Aleppo.

The statement discusses Russian – Turkish cooperation as the Russian and the Turkish forces reached a direct confrontation line that witnessed some clashes in the last few days.

A field source has refuted the Russian statement declaring that the Assad regime didn’t overtake Tadef and the clashes are still in the outskirt of the city with no advance mentioned.

The Euphrates Shield operation has entered 172 days in which the factions have overtaken 229 villages, towns and neighbourhoods in a geographical location of 1910 square kilometres.

Source : Northern Syria Observe