#Syria|#EuphratesShield daily summary

The Euphrates Shield continues to progress in Al-Bab, East Aleppo

The Euphrates Shield operation backed by Turkish army has overtook Qabaseen road, Shihabi farms, al-Ra’aie roundabout in the north neighbourhoods of Al-bab after clashes with ISIL, north east Aleppo.

NSO reporter in East countryside of Aleppo has said that the clashes resumed in Al-bab today upon the new assault carried out by the Euphrates Shield fighters backed and supported by the Turkish arm on ISIL.

Abu Jameel ,the military leader in Ahrar Alsharqiya Front, one of the Euphrates shield factions said that today clashes against ISIL have resulted on the progress of the Free Syrian Army that overtook new areas in north of he city after the failure of many assaults in the past.

The military leader added that the new points ( Shihabi Farms, Qabaseen road, and Al-Ra’aie roundabout) were considered the main defence points of the city in the north.

On the other side, the military leader in Alsham Front Majd Abu Islam, said that the new progress have has paved the way in front of the fighters to overtake the rest of the city that is still under the control of ISIL who has become besieged.

The Euphrates Shield forces have overtook the grain silos, the Sport Center, the Automatic Bakery and the Baath party center in south wasr of Al-Bab city yesterday, Zamzam street, Fatema mosque in the north and Tadef roundabout in the south.