#Syria| Aleppo rif| Regime campaign against the lawyers in Efrin

The Assad regime arrests and annoys lawyers from Efrin

The regime forces have arrested and took the lawyer “Hoshnek Khalil” to forced recruitment in Aleppo when he was coming back to Efrin in the north countryside.

The regime forces have arrested the lawyer Hoshnek Khalil (38 years old ) on his way back to his home town Efrin as his name has been distributed on military checkpoints and milatry police, NSO reporter said.

The reporter have said that the regime forces have recently arrested a number of civilians coming from Aleppo by different charges. The arrets number have increased after the regime have overtook Aleppo in late 2016.

3 lawyers from Efrin have been arrested by the regime charged of political activities and supporting the revolution to be released later on. Meanwhile, civilians are being annoyed by Hezbullah checkpoints in Nubul and Zahraa, South of Efrin.

Abdulrahamn Abdalow has told NSO that he has been arrested for 2 month by the regime when he went to Aleppo to finish some paper work.

Abdalow clarified that the Air Force checkpoint have stopped him asking for his ID and took him to the intelligence center in the city charged of political activities as he is a member of one of the Kurdish parties in Efrin.

Efrin city and countryside are controlled by the People’s Protection Units YPG that adheres to the leaders of the Kurdistan Labour Party. These militia have assisted the regime in invading East Aleppo late 2016.