#Syria|#EuphratesShield|172nd day update

43 Daesh terrorists have been killed by Turkish shelling and airstrikes in northern Syria on the 172nd day of Operation Euphrates Shield, the military said in a statement on Saturday.

A total of 179 Daesh positions have been shelled, destroying hideouts, defense positions, command control centers, weapons and vehicles, the statement said.

Meanwhile, 66 other positions were targeted in airstrikes, destroying 55 buildings, two headquarters, an ammunition depot, two rallying points, a post and a wireless station belonging to the terrorists.

Source : Daily Sabah https://www.dailysabah.com/war-on-terror/2017/02/11/43-daesh-terrorists-killed-by-turkish-artillery-airstrikes-in-northern-syria

FSA Euphrates Shield liberated the areas in  west of al Bab

  • The Mills
  • Secondary agricultural school
  • The automatic bakery


Tadef rounabout – South of al Bab entrance



FSA forces have cut the supply road for Daesh inside Al Bab.
Report that Fatima al Zahra mosque captured by FSA
FSA is only 1500 meter far from the town of Tadef (Aleppo 24) and Daesh carried a counter attack against Assad’s militias in Abu Taltal

Report of FSA fight inside of Tadef