Intelligence official killed in bomb blast, Kafr Sousa, S.W. Damascus, Thursday, possibly on US sanctions list published the same day (12th).

Al Arabiya names the individual as “Colonel Haider” here. If the same man, the US Treasury calls him, on a new sanctions list, published on Thursday, 12th, Colonel Zuhayr Haydar, here. An easier-to-read list, containing his name, can be found here. (The term “NPWMD” means apparently “Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators”.) That list should be examined side by side with this list here, which is in Arabic, as can be seen. It was linked to in this Facebook post, dated 13th August 2012 (over four years ago). Some names, including maybe Haydar/Haider’s, in the Arabic list correlate with the Treasury list. My weak Arabic translation facility identified in fact four possible matches, after a quick look (number in Arabic list in bold, Treasury entry following), as follows:

No 7 on Arabic list: ABBAS, Ghassan; DOB 10 Mar 1960; Scientific Studies and Research Center Brigadier General (individual) [NPWMD] (Linked To: SCIENTIFIC STUDIES AND RESEARCH CENTER).

No 6 on Arabic list: BILAL, Muhammad Nafi (a.k.a. BILAL, Muhammad), Syria; DOB 25 May 1971; alt. DOB 1971; Gender Male; Syrian Air Force Intelligence Colonel (individual) [SYRIA] (Linked To: SYRIAN AIR FORCE INTELLIGENCE).

No 5 or 28 on Arabic list: HAYDAR, Zuhayr; DOB 18 Dec 1965; Scientific Studies and Research Center Colonel (individual) [NPWMD] (Linked To: SCIENTIFIC STUDIES AND RESEARCH CENTER).

No 15  on Arabic list: IBRAHIM, Muhammad; DOB 05 Aug 1964; Brigadier General (individual) [SYRIA] (Linked To: SYRIAN AIR FORCE).

There may of course be other matches. However, only an Arabic speaker, who also knows English, will find them in useful time. There is no question though that there is an element of correlation.

“Too late!” she cried, and waved her wooden leg.

The above is a well-known expression of the futility of approaching something in order to fix it after the thing has ceased to exist. These new sanctions look like another last-minute positive action in Syria by the Obama team, to dress up his exit from the stage as a man of action – except that someone else seems to be beating him to it, not similarly by sanctioning Assad’s bad guys but by simply bumping them off… I speak not disrespectfully of the dead, and so will not labour this point. But, it does look like that.

We’re in a news vacuum right now. We must wait and see.

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