Syrian regime destroyed 70% of rebel-held Homs in 2016

(Zaman Al Wasl)- We do not contradict the truth if we say that 2016 is ISIS year in Homs Province. ISIS surprise attacks on Homs eastern countryside confused the regime and its mercenaries and their strategic alley, Russia. ISIS caused huge loss for regime in souls and military gear estimated by 3000 killed and injured by military experts in addition to regime loss of 3 million cubic meters of gas daily which used to be produced by Hayan Factory.

The production equals 25% of regime supplies of gas to power stations on daily basis. Also, ISIS captured the most important gas fields in Syria, Shaer-al-Maher-Jazal-Hajar and their daily production is estimated to be more than 12 million cubic meters daily.

The first weeks of 2016 witnessed fierce battles between regime and its mercenaries and Syrian resistance in Homs northern countryside and Hama southern countryside.

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