‘Sheikh Yapraq’ deep secret beyond Aleppo collapse

(Zaman Al Wasl)- He is known by the common people as al-Sheikh Yapraq without this name having to do with anything related to the truth of the shrine’s owner, his position and mission which raise him to the position of the real founder of al-Nusairiyah sect and who placed its rules being its missionary in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine.

As soon as the regime fully captured Aleppo, Colonel Suhail al-Hasan went to Hussein Bin Hamdan al-Khusaibi’s shrine to do his duty visit, the visit of the follower of the sect.

The Alawite officer called al-Nimir performs his religious duties like others to Abu Abdullah al-Khusaibi whose shrine is located in the heart of Aleppo far away from the sect’s main strongholds. It is hidden within a military barrack called Hananou Barrack.

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