#Syria|General Ceasefire agreement

FSA legal adviser : the ceasefire will take effect at midnight and does include all the areas controlled by the rebels and all the factions in those areas.

Captain Taleb Abu alHassan of Jaish alNasr tweeted that the rebels delagation pressured Russia to include alGhota and JFS in this agreement. The inclusion in the agreement of alGhota and JFS is confirmed by the FSA legal adviser.

The agreement points signed in 3 documents :

  1. Cease fire
  2. Surveillance of the ceasefire
  3. Peace negotiations

Lavrov : US will be invited to the negotiations when Trump will take office.
The agreement includes humanitarian corridors to all the area to be opened and humanitarian convoys allowed by all sides.

If the cease fire holds, political negotiations will begin next 28 January 2017 according to the UN resolutions related to Syria.