#Syria|Al Qalamon|#FSA expels Daesh from 6 positions

FSA Martyr Ahmad Abdo Forces and Usud al Sharqiya launched an attack against Daesh after a pre-emptive attack on Syss-Tys-Abu Risha Dam-Bir Nimr-Um Ramam-Al Buhus alElmiya – Abu Khasbe- Bir alHebel. They expelled Daesh from all the positions except from Tys where the fights are still taking place. FSA destroyed and damaged more than 5 engines and armored vehicles at the confrontation lines, and destroyed Daesh military barracks and HQs in Tys Unit.

FSA Martyr Ahmad Abdo Forces foiled a Daesh attempt to infiltrate the E. Al Qalamon and forced them to flee after killing a number of them.

In another context, the gaz line in E. alQalamon was shut off in solidarity with Wadi Barada where the regime has attacked the the Fiha river, resulting in stopping the water supply to force the population to leave.