#Syria|Al Hassakeh|2000 Iraki Hashd (Jahsh) dispatched in regime positions (source)

Eye on Homeland learned that 2000 of the Iraqi Hashd (jahsh) have arrived to Hassakeh and have been dispatched among several regime positions  the town of Hassakeh, Qamishli and the largest group was sent to Jabal Kawkab.

They entered Syria by batches either through the borders or the airport.

Last week, 10 commanders have arrived to the town of Hassakeh through the airport to suervise the operation.

This arrival has increased tensions between  the regime and the PKK/PYD that controls large areas in Hassakeh and Qamishli, specially after the PKK/PYD has been requested to withdraw from the town of Aleppo to the town of Afrin.


Source: Eye on Homeland