#Syria | ceasefire proposal by the opposition

The proposition includes:

– Holding ceasefire on all the Syrian soil, ISIS- controlled areas are not included.
– Turkey secures the Syrian opposition’s commitment to the announced ceasefire.
– Russia secures Assad regime’s and its allies’ commitment to the ceasefire – in return.
– Russia and Turkey guarantee that no side will take control of new areas.
– Russia and Turkey suggest an appropriate mechanism to observe the ceasefire after the agreement of the concerned parties.
– Launching negotiations to reach a political solution within a month after month of coming the proposed ceasefire into effect.
– Allowing all humanitarian aid supplies to reach the besieged areas in a new plan, whose implementation is secured by Russia and Turkey.

Source: Orient News arabic and english http://www.orient-news.net/en/news_show/129561/0/Orient-Exclusive-Syria-ceasefire-proposals-by-opposition