#Syria | 12 factions have signed the cease fire

Captain Fares Bayush, Political relation officer in Free Idlib Army said to Enab Baladi that 12 factions have signed the  cease-fire agreement that includes all Syria. He added that the agreement does not exclude JFS as the regime stated. He also said that the regime did not take part to the negotiations but it is an implementation tool in Russia hands. As to Turkey assertion  that the agreement excludes the terrorist organizations on UN List, he considered that it is a political and legal matter.

The agreement includes alGhota, alWaer, Idlib and most of the Syrian territory, except the areas controlled by Daesh.

12 factions participated to the negotiations :

  • Free Idlib Army.
  • Jaish alIslam.
  • Ahrar al Sham.
  • Shamiya Front.
  • And other factions deployed in the North and centre of Syria.

He indicated that this is the first time that the factions have direct negotiations with Russia, away from the regime and Iran, and “we felt that Russia was serious about those talks and we hope the agreement will succeed”, he added.