#Syria|#FSA Jaish Al Nasr commander : “Don’t look at the situation as the regime wants you”

  • The regime is exhauted an Russian get weaker as the result of a war that lasts longer.
  • There are deep contradictions between the Russians and the Iranians in Syria about the power sharing and control.
  • They try to present another situation to the Syrians, which shows them victorious and strong.
  • The rebels’ commanders are weak because they are unable to take a decision and live in the wolrd of illusion that Assad’s regime and  his Mukhabarat though which they see their  their strenghts and weaknesses .
  • To all the commanders, you should know you have fighters and people enough to change 180° within few days the de facto situation. We owe to show responsibility and not let ourselves dragged by the Mukhabarat inforAations  spread by  the regime news outlets.