#Syria| Torture must be rejected

This  picture https://twitter.com/i/web/status/811977457226149893. It could have been from a regime site or the result of torture against the Fastaqem Union commanders during the infighting with Zanki, Abu Ammara and JFS during the siege of Aleppo. No, it is from Achtarin and the tweets says from Zanki “Maslakha, the slaughter room. This is not the first time that Zanki is involved in such breaches.

It shows a Daesh militant, Mohammad Alloush, known for his actrocities and who joined the rebels at the end, hoping to  hide his crimes when the town was controlled by Daesh. The preliminary inquiry was able to draw his profile summed up in  the military council of Akhtarin has described his profile in a profile :


Muhammad Allush was presumably tortured by Zanki as The FSA Shamiya Front issued a statement (I did not read) which was rebucked by  the FSA Akhtarin Military Council. In this statement, the MC regrets that the name of Zanki has been dragged into that issue and asking all the forces not to get involved in the MC decision :


 We all know that Daesh is an opresseor and a criminal, and makes many snap. However, this problem shows that all factions are facing a crucial challenge as the war is poised to drag longer and enemies are carrying  a war with no princiles and the laws of war, against the rebels.  FSA must recall the principles it stood and still stands for and we cannot let the few darken the FSA image.