A Loving Home for Idlib’s Orphans via SyriaStories

Hundreds of orphans in Idlib are being given a new start in life at a care home set up by the Ruhama Baynahum aid agency.

As well as the emotional damage of bereavement, children who have lost one or both parents are vulnerable to exploitation by armed groups or in the labour market.

Orphanage director Bilal Jabiru said that the institution, opened on March 20, 2016, aimed to give these disadvantaged children the love and stability to enable them to become functioning members of society.

“The number of orphans has risen rapidly as a result of the ongoing conflict and the intensifying violence,” the 39-year-old said. “In response, we mobilised our resources to provide care for orphans by giving them a decent life, medical and social care, education and psychological support for those needing it.”

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