#Syria|JFS and Zanki and Ahrar merge

The following tweets explain the story of the merger :

  1. Ahrar asked us a week ago to meet to discuss a merger. Jaish al Islam; Sham Legion and Ahrar… participated to the meeting.
  2. Those who participated to the meeting from Ahrar : Abu Yahya alMasri-Hussam Salame-Abu alBara MaarShamareen, and the meeting was friendly. They suggest us a merger proposal and we accepted it immediately
  3. with no reservations, no requests for any functions. Abu  Yahya informed us that he put the proposal to Suqur al Sham and Jaish alMujahideen who immediately accepted.
  4. After we agreed upon the proposal, Abu alBara MaarShamareen suggested that he will propose the merger to Nusra and no one refuted it on one condition:
  5. That it adopts the revolution flag and integrate this body to avoid being called internationally a terrorist, and everybody agreed to that project and I can confirm no one has requested a function.
  6. Everybody was optimistic about that project, and the representatives of the political commission  of Idlib expressed their willingness to work with us.
  7. So, Abu alBarra’ went to meet with Jolani, to learn that during the night another merger happened between Ahrar, JFS and Ahrar.
  8. They have already appointed themselves on several functions and appointed themselves the custodians of the other factions without consulting anybody. This caused a split within Ahrar in two factions and led us
  9. to go ahead with merger unit, except that Ahrar is not part of it though we still wish them to be with us in this entity, which is also wanted by the street, and take their responsibilities
  10. And we hope that the wiser in JFS will give a priority to the public interest on the factional interest, and we still hope to reach out to all factions to continue the Revolution.
  11. Suqur alSham; Jaish al Islam; Jaish alMujahideen; Shamiya Front; Daraya Rebels; Sham Legion and FSA factions continues, and I am ready to repeat all the above under oath.


N.B. Abu Abdel Wahab is the commander of Zi alQar affiliated to Jaish al Islam.