Everyone Has Left Eastern Aleppo… But Abu Majid Karman Is Not Among Them

The operations to evacuate all civilians from the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo to the province’s western countryside finished at noon on 22 December, as part of a Russian-Turkish deal following major attacks on the city by al-Assad forces and foreign allied militias.

While the evacuation operations draw to a close, the fate of activist Mohammad Maher Karman, known as “Abu Majid”, continues to remain unknown. He was kidnapped in October 2015 and his family accused al-Nusra Front (now called Fateh al-Sham Front) of being behind the abduction.

According to his daughter, Rou’a, Abu Majid Karman did not leave Aleppo and she insisted that he is still detained by Fateh al-Sham despite their denial of any involvement.

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