Syrians In Regime-Controlled Areas… Also Under Siege

Enab Baladi – Hanin al-Naqri

Syrians inside Syria are divided on many things – between regime supporters or opposition, living in regime or opposition areas, repressive or oppressed, appalled at the bloodbath or perpetrating it. They also differ in their modes of expressing what is happening, between those who refer to the “crisis” or the “revolution”, the “killed” or “martyrs”, “protectors of the homeland” or “regime thugs”, but what unites them all is the almost complete breakdown of services and their attempts to cope with a life with fewer resources.

Omm Alaa, a housewife, lives in part of the outskirts of Damascus that is under regime control while her sister Omm Mohammad lives in the besieged area of eastern al-Ghouta under opposition control. Omm Alaa says, “When I communicate with my sister, I feel the similarity in our situations. I reached the realization recently that we are both besieged by the same regime.”

According to Omm Alaa, the simplest thing that unites her situation with her sister under siege is the constant fear, “I watch airplanes bombing eastern al-Ghouta from the roof of my house while my sister fears dying under the rubble. I fear for her and I curse the regime, then I become afraid of detention and torture because I oppose the regime in its area, it controls me. And my sister fears the same thing.”

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