#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3| update

FSA liberates Jabal SheikH Aqil inside the town of alBab  (LCC alBab)

Yesterday the military command of alBab apologized for the civilians killed. In a  statment, he said that the battle are becoming more intense inside alBab and Daesh has moved its positions among the civilians.

FSA controls Albab-Aleppo fast road totally.

In its daily round-up, the army said Turkish warplanes had destroyed 48 Daesh targets and killed 15 militants. Four Turkish soldiers were slightly wounded when the vehicle they were travelling in was damaged by a roadside blast, it added.

FSA liberates the Hekma hospital area and the wedding Mall “Nisf alDunia” – (LCC alBab)
Sham Legion spokesperson has confirmed all the above and has added that the road Manbij-alBab is also cut.