#Syria|Bashar Ja’fari caught lying again to the UN

Bashar Ja’fari, Assad’s regime representative to the UN, has used again the int’l culprit to spread lies. This time he said that there is a group of intelligence officers inside the East of Aleppo who will leave within the Aleppo agreement. He rushed   not only to give their names but also their nationalities. The Russian and Iranian news outlets rushed to adopt Ja’fari’s story and his version, but this story did not meet a large interest with the international media.

Orient News has made some searches about those names and found that they were published by the loyalist pages on FB pages nearly one week ago, and Ja’afari used it in the UNSC. The nationalities he gave were diverse between American; Israeli; KSA; Qatar; Jordan; Turkey and Morocco.


Source : Orient News arabic