#Syria|The epic battle of Tadmur : Assad’s forces fled

Colonel Michael Ghodaronuk make of the Assad’s forces a mockery, mostly after their quick defeat in Tadmur. He accused the Syrian Commanders to have been informed about that attack.

Colonel Michael Ghodaronuk, said in an interview to the newspaper Gazeta: “Assad’s forces threw their weapons and left the military vehicles and fled,” noting that “the first terrified fugitive was the deputy chief of the General Staff of the Syrian Armed Forces. In a state of panic, followed by Chief Operating Command, and the commander of the missile and artillery forces, and Chief of Staff of the Third Corps, and the commander of the Brigade 18 infantery, and right after the junior officers and soldiers followed them, “whilethe official authorities in Damascus have been talking to the Syrians about about the heroic fight of the army against Daesh.”

He gave some interesting information of what happened in Tadmur :

At the beginning, sporadic and incomplete reports where coming from Tadmur. But now, the picture is clearer. Some sources said the return of Daesh to attack Tadmur happened without information from the Mukhabarat, but this is untrue because we knew from the Military Headquarter, they had  full  knowledge of the attack before hand.

No one expected how Assad’s forces would react. They completely panicked, shot few bullets against Daesh,  threw their arms and left their military engines in Tadmur, then fled. The “Brave” Syrian forces were able to stop it to the west of T4.

At the beginning, they said that there are no Russian military advisers in Tadmur, and that is untrue, because Daesh fighters published pictures of russian arms and military spoils. There was 200   Russian military soldiers (a group of command), in addition to 120 of the SF guards, who remained in the town of Tadmur individually and were encircled by Daesh. And to save them and move them elsewhere, the RU AF opened a road by force and destroyed 11 engines. Russian were forced to leave all the arms and military equipments.

He indicated that the deputy chief of the General Staff  was the first to flee,  see above.”

It took two difficult days to find the Bashar 2nd deputy chief of the General Staff. He described them of cowards. They were arrested and returned to their positions on 11/12/2016 but the Syrians fled again.


Syrian soldiers fear to death the jihadis movements, and they cannot be trusted to keep their positions to the east of Tadmur. Sometimes they say that they control the oil fields nearby Tadmur, but in reality they are abandoned and destroyed

Keeping Tadmur in this situation is impossible and there is no plans to get it back. It is possible to take over the town easily with the Russian AF but the problem is to keep it longer because of the Syrian military crumbling readiness, which seems impossible.

If they  move the effective forces from Aleppo they might lose Aleppo, and they don’t do ti because there is a possibility to defeat the armed forces who are ready to pull out from Aleppo. The strongest forces of the Jihadis are positioned in the NW of Aleppo – Anadan, Heyan and Hreitan.

Militias are fighting but only two Syrian forces are on the field :  Suhail Hussein Forces (Nimr) and  the Desert Falcons. The others military groups are useless.

According to the military specialists, Halesh don’t fight at all but they wobble. The Fatimides who are the stormers from the west, to make dust and the IRG they stand like statues and don’t progress.

When an Iranian general is asked why the IRG militias don’t progress, he answers with another question “Has the battle really started ?” Sometimes we  are compelled to look for him for 3 hours, to hear again his promess that they will achieve their military operations. Then, we find them drawing a long list of arms they need. When we asked them where their arms did disappear, they answered stupidly “it is the war, isn’t it ? “

We offered them 1500 ATGM   missiles, and we are unable to find out where those missiles dig go and to which place they have been moved.

Russian Experts speaks desperately of the Iranians:  they cannot be trusted, and there is no way out the situation. They say to the Iranians “Damn you, it is important to stand in your places and there is no need to attack”. They cannot remain stable even in specific places. The Russian military impression of the Iranians is that they blab in every sense of he word.


Source : Arabic 21 arabic