#Syria|18 Camps under construction on the Syrian-Turkish border for #Aleppo displaced

Turkish media sources reported that Turkey has embarked on the construction of tents to accommodate the most vulnerable groups to help Syrians who have been evacuated from the city of Aleppo.

Sources noted that Turkey built a camp in the town of Rihaniyya ,Hatay state which can accommodate up to a thousand people, while continuing to work for the construction of 18 camps near Bab al-Hawa border-crossing can accommodate thousands of civilians fleeing Aleppo, explaining that three places were identified in order to build temporary shelters, coordinated by the Department of Turkey’s disaster and emergency, “saying” that is in order to receive the trapped civilians in Aleppo.

It is said that about 85 thousand civilians who had been stranded in the besieged city of Aleppo by the al-Assad regime in the eastern neighborhoods, were evacuated eight thousand of them leaving about 70 thousand pending completion of the evacuation process.

Source: alDorar alShamiya