The IHH humanitarian convoy to Hatay – opposite Aleppo – appears to have become a march.

To my eyes, this picture, posted on Twitter at 2.53pmGMT yesterday, represents a substantial protest, in its effect:


Some video, drums added:


Apparently the crowd is gathering several kilometres from the Cilvegözü border crossing into Syria, though an IHH team is already present in Syria setting up tents. This event remains not very well covered in the media – any media – and is mostly viewable using the  hashtag on Twitter. One imagines that the logistics and general organisation for such a gathering will be very demanding and that the organisers still see the operation as in its setup stage, the priorities food, sleeping accommodation and so forth, and getting the many aid lorries through (I think a number have already passed into Syria). It is interesting how the timing of this religiously-inspired humanitarian intervention, as it consolidates, coincides almost exactly with the Aleppo evacuation, as it too (hopefully) consolidates and thus actually occurs properly.

The situation in that city did not sound good approaching 24 hours ago:

The most interesting thing though is that this IHH manoeuvre is a force for good, in or near a land benighted by killing. The marchers are happy, as once were the Syrian protesters themselves, five years ago.