#Syria|The Legitimate Manbij Revolutionary Local Council (eng subtitles)

This is a video that features the legitimate Manbij Revolutionary Local Council with english subtitles announcing the creation of a FSA Manbij Military Council.

As a reminder and overall view, a democratic process began in Syria with the election of local councils to manage and run the public affairs and civil services in the areas liberated by the FSA. The LCCs are associated to the SNC and then with the NC. They participated to the creation of the FSA military councils. That democratic process was stopped with the destruction of the cities and villages and their infrastructures, the arrival of Daesh, the hostility of the Islamist factions in other cases,  and the reconciliation strategy by the Assad’s regime. Aleppo case is an exception because it succeeded to integrate the Islamists in the process.  If  FSA Darya did not decide to surrender the city, the local management would  be  hailed today as a  democratic success.

The LCC of Manbij was elected before the arrival of Daesh and went into exile in Turkey when Daesh took over the town. It has returned to Jarablus since its liberation. It works closely with the NC and the FSA, and has no relation whatsoever with the PKK/QASAD.

In the video, the Manbij LCC is declaring the  formation of a FSA Manbij Military Council from Jarablus and the designated commander thanking the Local Council for his appointment.

The video I posted weeks ago,  did not include the speech of the MMC commander and was not with english subtitles.