#Syria|Aleppo Evacuation|Latest from Periscope Synopsis

4 minute Ahmad Primo periscope from alRaqqa nod,  gives a full account of the situation :

  • Evacuation of the civilians disrupted by the regime forces and militias. But the last disruption is due mostly by gangs who burned the buses heading to Foa and Kefraya. This happened along when a convoy from the besieged Aleppo transporting mostly children and women has reached alRamusseh. After the buses event, regime blocked the convoy and those inside of the convoy remained 12 hours with no food, no basic needs and are not allowed to get off the buses which are closed.
  • There is an urgent need to intervene either to let them continue their road or go back to the besieged Aleppo.  The passengers are living another siege but this time in buses.
  •  ahmadprimo