#Syria|Aleppo Evacuation| Agreement follow up

Al Faruq Abu Baqr has said that  an agreement and its practical steps on the evacuation of Aleppo has been reached.  It also  includes the evacuation of an agreed number from alFoa and Kefraya ( loyalists), Zabadani and Madaya ( pro repels ) and the humanitarian cases out of Madaya and Zabadani. 

The practical steps: the last convoy will not leave Kefraya and alFoa till the last convoy leave the besieged Aleppo. Turkish-Russian operation rooms will monitor the evacuation process and Russian has pledged to protect the IDPs from Aleppo. According to the agreement : Russia vows to bomb any point which breaches the evacuation of civilians from Aleppo. Russia pledges it will not attack convoys of civilians which evacuate from the besieged Aleppo

N.B. I have not yet read any document in arabic.