#Syria|8 moderate factions say no to Jolani’s terms

During the recent days, we heard many rumours about factions merging into one  military body.  This morning Jaish al Mujahidun Abu Bakr tweeted that factions will merge soon into one body to serve the revolution.


Abu Bakr’s twitt is an interesting input though. The terms used  in his tweet are worth notice and do not mention any jihadi concepts:

wait for good news about a merger that will take place soon,  will heal your hearts, a national project that will grieve your enemies and  represents this grieving people revolution,  and will revive the sparks of the revolution.

I have read 4 different versions on that merger. There is one common point to all of the versions, Jolani’s terms.

Al Dorar reports accroding to an anonymous that this merger is likely to include nine factions : Jaish alIslam, Jaish alMujahideen, Sham Legion, Jaish alNasr, Fastaqem Union, Suqur alSham, while  Ahrar and Zanki are still discussing if they want to join the project. The nine factions at least have been meeting for several days to discuss the terms presented by JFS commander Mohammad alJolani to form a unified body of 14 factions.

The Jolani’s terms are :

  • he will be appointed the General Commander.
  • He  will have control of the military file entirely.
  • All the other factions will hand over their arms.
  • No political office member appointment without his consent.
  • No more armed forces will be sent to the Euphrates Shield.
  • Those who are participating in the ES battle will be allowed to return to the Nth of Aleppo only  3 months later.

The source continues that 8 factions have rejected Jolani’s conditions and become very close to announce their merger. However, there are still few details likely to be agreed upon in the coming days. Ahrar and Nlureddine alZanki have not yet decided to either agree to Jolani’s terms or join the 8 others.

Sources expected that other factions inside the areas controlled by Ahrar,  from Eastern alGhota; Homs and part of Idlib to join the 8 factions in case they merge providing Ahrar is not part of it.

Enab Baladi has contacted Ahrar Spokeperson who denied all the claims on social media, and even activists denied that any merger will happen soon.

Sources: Enab Baladi and al Dorar and Face book pages in Arabic

The picture published in Al Dorar shows the commanders meeting.