#Syria| Deir Ezzor| One Thousand rebels merge

After  many groups have left the Province in 2013 because they refused to join Daesh, a new rebel group of rebels of all the regions has been formed inside Deir Ezzor. : Abna alSharqiya Tajammu.  The movement told LCC that it is formed  of 1000 fighters active in Badiyat Hama, Aleppo countryside and Idlib.

The main purpose of the movement is to merge all the factions of the region to fight Assad’s forces, Kurdish militias and Daesh who is controlling most of the province.

The statement says the merging has become a necessity after what has happened in Aleppo, Damascus rif and elsewhere. It is calling all Deir Ezzor rebels to join the movement.


It said fighters from the general areas of Deir al-Zour province on Saturday, the formation of a new grouping under the name “East Sons.”

He said one of the members of the Congregation for Coordination Committees, that “the sons of the East” includes nearly a thousand rebel fighters from Deir al-Zour working in the visible Hama and Aleppo and Idlib.

He explained that the assembly of the most important goals, “the integration of the majority of people in the region in one body to fight Assad’s forces and militias of the Kurdish separatist organization Daesh which controls most of Deir al-Zour province.”

A statement issued by the General Command of the congregation that the announcement of the new composition was aware of the need to unite and belief in the cause of the Syrian people, and the belief that the cause of division and conflict in the eastern region abandonment and what is happening in Aleppo, Damascus and elsewhere.

Source: LCCSy