Shiite cleric: #Hezbollah is ally of #US, #Russia in killing #Syrians

The former secretary general of the terrorist group of Hezbollah Sheikh Subhi Al-Tufayli said that Hezbollah was displacing and killing civilians in Aleppo.


“We are fighting now in Aleppo side by side with the Russians and the Americans. There is no doubt that we have an alliance with Russia and the US to kill Muslim children and women and to destroy their houses, al-Tufayli’s said in video footage published on social media pages.


“Aleppo is being destroyed. US and Russian warplanes never leave its sky. They bomb its neighborhoods, cities and towns round the clock. Honest people have to return to their God and repent of what they have committed,” the Shiite cleric added in a comment which was interpreted as an address to Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah.