Putin’s plan: a full ceasefire in #Syria

Vladimir Putin  said  that the next is the implementation of a ceasefire in all Syria but  Vladimir Ahmedov to Al Arabs admitted that ” the fundamental problem facing the Russian side is currently the extent of the Iranian’s commitment to such agreements. Their militias have hampered further the agreement of the evacuation of Aleppo civilians, and therefore we will  raise a question  about Iran that has been unable to adhere to a simple executive agreement in Aleppo, how would Iran abide to a comprehensive agreement requiring radical concessions and withdrawal of the foreign militias, both either affiliated with the regime or the opposition.

He believes that “Russia and Iran have strong relations not only in the Syrian affairs. Moscow will seek to persuade Teheran to its view at the next meeting with the Iranians and the Turks, in Moscow at the end of December, according to Turkey Foreign Minister’s announcement.

See :  http://www.alarab.co.uk/?id=97416