#Syria|Aleppo Evacuation|”I saw Suleimani give orders” -A detailed account of yesterday attack on the convoy civi

After leaving Aleppo,  we reached the RU barrier at Ramussa, RU took photos and let us continue. Almost 300 – 400 meters far, we have been stopped at Halesh  barrier. A tank appeared from behind the barrier and a Doshka. They started to shoot in the air. The IRC intervened and told them “those are under our protection, don’t get closer to them”. They answered : “we don’t recognize the SARC and IRC”. They forced us to get off the bus .. and he shot 4 or 5 people without asking them any question. They forced us to lay down on the road, took our money, and forced some civilians to stay at the barrier and shot them too.

I was on the ground and lift a bit my head, I saw Qassem Suleimani who gave orders to shot the civilians. They began singing sectarian songs “Labayke ya Zeinab”.

There was 3 people: 1 was Iranian and 2 Afghans. The Iranian was also singing sectarian song. He talked to Suleimani. One Halesh put his foot on my head and he said “You dog, you are trying to spy on us”.

After that, they put us in the bus and took us to the highway… and let us walk.

Video 2 – Testimony given yesterday by a witness who returned to the besieged Aleppo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuUYt2HamTU&feature=youtu.be