#Syria|Aleppo brief

#Aleppo #Syria: The evacuation of civilians from eastern Aleppo has been halted on its second day on Friday after a convoy of 20 buses escorted by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross was stopped at a checkpoint controlled by Hezbollah Lebanese forces and Iran-backed militias. The convoy was stopped for about 15 minutes before tanks and heavily armed vehicles surrounded it.
The Red Cross and Syrian Arab red crescent staff were ordered to leave, while all the men were taken off of the buses. The Lebanese militia went on to strip many of their clothes and searched them taking anything that was valuable. According to the civil defense of Aleppo at least 4 people were killed and other 6 were wounded by pro-regime militias.
After several hours, ambulance and first responder vehicles were confiscated and the rest of the 800 people were returned to eastern Aleppo.
At least 50,000 people remain in eastern Aleppo waiting to be evacuated. Among them about 800 wounded, who can not be treated properly due to the lack of medical staff and equipment.

The moment civilians trying to leave eastern Aleppo were fired on
Witnesses explain what happened to the evacuation convoy which was stopped at a checkpoint of Hezbollah Lebanese and Iran-backed militias on Friday morning
Video shows the last convoy that left eastern Aleppo Friday morning and arrived in the western area of Aleppo province https://youtu.be/6OiodYvyUUk

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