Iran’s Use Of Extremism To Gain Political Leverage Must Be Confronted

Ever since day one in 2011 when war erupted in Syria Iran has been dispatching tens of thousands of troops to shore the Syrian military.

These efforts were parallel to Iran’s decades of support for Shiite extremist groups such as the likes of the Lebanese Hezbollah, a conglomerate of others in Iraq and across the region, constituting a major pillar of Iran’s policies.

Tehran has launched horrendous wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and continues it’s meddling in Lebanon. Sensing no concerns from the international community to hold it accountable, Iran propelled massive genocide campaigns in Syria and Iraq, targeting Sunni communities through its support of Shiites, such as the “Popular Mobilization Forces”, or Hashd al-Shaabi in Iraq, currently involved in the Mosul onslaught. Aleppo is also another example needing no further explanation.

Encouraged by the West’s appeasement policy, led by U.S. President Barack Obama, Iran even spread such promotion of Shiite Islam into Africa and Asia, with the aim of establishing communities of its own. One very vivid example can be seen in Nigeria.
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