#Syria|Aleppo Evacuation|All JFS jihadis Left E.Aleppo

Translation of Ahmad Primo’s periscope from Aleppo on progress :

  • I want to talk abou thte agrement that states the evacuation of the besieged civilians in E. Aleppo.
    • This morning, the militias stopped or disturbed the evacualtion of the civilians. They stopped a convoy of 800 civilians.
  • He speaks about those of the civilians who have stayed inside the besieged town, as they say that most of them are what they lable “radicals”:
    • Those who are inside the besieged Aleppo, are civilians and what they lable the moderates forces.
    • Those who are labled “radicals” or “Terrorist”, the JFS jihadis, left the besieged Aleppo at 3.00 am from the Raqqa nod. I was there.
    • He tried to contact the convoy that was blocked by the militias, but had no success because there is no means of communication : land lines, internet, ..
  • The town of Aleppo, or what is left of the town, inside the besieged Aleppo there is no doctors for medical care. It is urgent to complete the agreement of the evacualtion. Those who distrupted the agreement, they are the regime loyalist militias who are in Aleppo. They are using the civilians to sign a new agreement that includes the Jevacuation of the injured from Foa and Kefraya.
  • During the last hours, the regime forces and its militias attempted to push toward the besieged area, from the Sindyane bridge that is between alKallaseh and the East alAnsari neighborhoods. The factions who belong only the FSA, and I confirm that they are only the FSA, foiled the attacks.  The besieged neighborhoods are : E.AlAnsari; alZebdiye; parts of Sayf alDawla and Salah Eddine; parts of Sekkari and alMashhad.
  • There is no time table to the evacuation. The operation lasts until the last civilian is evacuated, or civilians or fighters who wish to leave either Syrians or non Syrian, according to the negotiator Abu Bakr alFarouq (Ahrar). The factions inside the besieged Aleppo did not stop the evacuation. The  IRC officials have no access to the besieged town and only SARC can enter. There are more than 50 000  people all inclusive in side the besieged town. I  confirm that JFS left the besieged town and was the first armed group to leave, at 3.00 am. I cannot tell if this happened within an agreement with Assad’s regime or if they left willingly. But I was told by those who left that it was within the agreement and they were authorized even to leave with their individual cars, either small cars or pick ups.
  • The number of civilians who left the besieged part of the town is estimated to 10 000 : 4 bataches left, with 50 buses each. In each bus 50 passengers, added to that civilians left with their cars and the injured.
  • There are no news about the 800 who have been blocked during their evacualtion. Counries who sponsored that agreement must intervene to force the militias respect the agreement. All the those inside the besieged town want to leave, and I confirmed it. The militias and and the regime are using the civilians as a blackmail to change the initial agreement . JFS left the besieged Aleppo at dawn and I confirm it again and again.  On Friday, 16 December, all JFS jishadis and commanders lef the  besieged town.
  • I call upon all  to keep the pressure to save those who are stiull inside the besieged Aleppo.