#Syria|Aleppo evacuation brief via LCCSy

Aleppo Coordination Committees

It began cars belonging to the Red Crescent ambulance system, on Thursday, to evacuate the wounded from the east toward Aleppo neighborhoods besieged rebel-controlled area adults to be transferred to hospitals in the western countryside.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) announced the start of the evacuation of 200 wounded, with their families through the process of Road neighborhood Ramouseh under the control of Assad’s forces to the western rural areas.

An official from the faction “Levantine front,” Reuters that ambulances Turkish Red Crescent is involved in the process of evacuation from the east of Aleppo.
It was Assad’s forces and allied militia had tried to obstruct the evacuation this morning by firing at ambulances carrying the wounded toward Ramouseh, resulting upgrade martyrs and wounded others, including members of the civil defense.

In context, the agency “Tass” news agency reported today, quoting the Russian Defense Ministry that he began the evacuation of 5,000 from the Syrian opposition fighters and their families from the east of Aleppo.

He quoted a Russian military official as saying that the fighters and their families will go out through a length of 21 km corridor, as quoted “Reuters”.