#Syria|Aleppo brief – Fierce fights taken place between JAF and Assad’s militias

Iranian and Iraqi militias have launched a fierce attack on both alMallah to the North of Aleppo and Dahrat Abed Rabbu nearby the Laramon to the NW of Aleppo.

Activists report that violent clashes between the Assad’s militias and JAF forces  took place at Dahrat Abed Rabbu and alMallah in Aleppo, during the evacuation operation. The miliitas shelled  with artillery and missile backed by the RU AF.

During the last hours, RU and regime  AF were over flying Aleppo and carried out several attack on the western area and Asya, the village of alBuwayda alKabira in south of Aleppo countryside, and JAF try to foil the iranian militias attack to take over Dahrat Abed Rabbu.

The increase of attacks on the Aleppo countryside happened with the Russian-Turkish agreement to evacuate the civilians of E.Aleppo to the west Aleppo and  Idlib Province.