#Syria news brief via LCCSy

Aleppo Coordination Committees

Continues to Assad’s forces and allied militia, working to block the agreement of #Aleppo, who returned to take effect late in the evening yesterday, Judge evacuation of civilians and fighters from the east to the west of Aleppo countryside.

A reporter Coordination Committees in Aleppo, said that with the morning early hours of today gathering of civilians out of the besieged city, and discharged ambulances first installment of the injured at the western countryside, but the militias Assad forces opened fire on cars at #Ramouseh knots resulting rise Shahid the injured and wounded four others injured, including members of the civil defense. The correspondent pointed out that in addition to shooting at ambulances and vehicles that were lifting berms of roads, did not reach the International Red Cross delegation that was supposed to be present six in the morning to monitor the evacuation process, pointing out that the first batch returned to the besieged neighborhoods .

The movement of “free-Sham,” a faction, had said earlier in the day that the evacuation of civilians and opposition from Aleppo agreement came after negotiators to overcome what it called Iran of trying fighters and affiliates to prevent the agreement.

Ahmed said Kara Ali, spokesman for “Ahrar al-Sham,” he told Reuters there were Iranian efforts to exploit the situation in Aleppo and prevent any evacuation from the besieged parts of the city but in the end an agreement was reached despite Iranian intransigence.
He says fighters of the Syrian opposition, Turkey has played a key role in pushing Russia to put pressure on the Assad regime to comply with the agreement after it was postponed on Wednesday.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed in a telephone conversation on Wednesday to revive the agreement.

An official from the “Levantine front,” said the new truce began in the second hour and a half in the morning.

According to sources from the opposition and from the United Nations that Iran is one of Assad’s main allies imposed new conditions, saying it wanted to evacuate the wounded from the parallel to the towns of #Kefraya and #Fuaa that opposition fighters in #Idlib. Officials from the opposition said late on Wednesday they had agreed to evacuate the wounded from the two towns in the province of Idlib, although Aleppo agreement will be implemented.

Abdul Salam Abdul Razzaq, military spokesman for the movement, “Noureddine Zanki” opposition, told Reuters that agreement had been reached and will be launched in the coming hours.